Upcoming performance: Seeing Poetry

Seeing Poetry, hosted by Facilitate (link to Facebook event page)

Date: 13 July 2015 @ 7:30pm

Venue: No One Writes to the Colonel (460 College Street, Toronto)

is a conceptual artist and writer located in Toronto. He is a graduate of York University with a double major in Visual Art and Creative Writing. His practice combines performance, video, sound, text, & installation. He has shown in group and solo exhibitions: the solo installation: New Synecdoches of The Super Actuality at Eleanor Winter’s Art Gallery and the group performance art/new media exhibition “Quiet Cabaret” at DC’s Furthermore Gallery . Forrester’s work ecstatically explores the latitudes of chaos with arbitrary systems, productive contradictions, and also assonance as to yield significant fiascos (wherein aesthetics rupture into the frenzied congealment of experience and intention). From one monumental failure to the next, Forrester is seeking the biggest fiasco, The Super Actuality, the ‘x’ at the end of all rhetoric and reality*.
*reality should be considered the avatar of rhetoric in this context.
“Fuck it, just say I’m an alien with access to a video camera thank you.”
lives in the body, the body lives in the world, and the world lives in the text. John’s concrete/visual poetry has appeared in Rampike, on Angel House Press’s NationalPoetryMonth.ca (2015), and in a variety of self-published chapbooks. His first collection of verse poetry, Players, will be released with Palimpsest Press in fall 2016. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Theory and Criticism at Western University in London, Ontario. Read more at johnnymanwriting.wordpress.com/.
is an artist who works with text and sound.
is a visual artist predominantly working with video and installation art.



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