Sunday Reading: new reviews are now online for Canadian Literature

I was lucky enough to review a round of books by some of my favourite writers for Canadian Literature including Donato Mancini, Lisa Robertson, & derek beaulieu as well as Ryan Fitzpatrick & Nikki Reimer.

From “Collective Grievances” in which I review Nikki Reimer‘s Downverse (Talonbooks) & Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s Fortified Castles (Talonbooks):

Amid austerity, rampant racism, trans- and homophobia, economic precarity, and political failures, it is hard to suggest that our modern conditions are anything other than bleak. This review will briefly identify some of the ways that these two authors have developed immersive writing strategies that reflect and respond to this turbulent landscape, where despondence and cynicism reign amid a noise of hashtags, commentary, and inflated personalities…

From “Recent Poetic Investigations into the Contemporary Milieu”in which I review  Lisa Robertson’s Cinema of the Present (Coach House Books), derek beaulieu’s kern (Les Figues), & Donato Mancini’s Loitersack (New Star Books):

Formally unconventional poetry is often described using nebulous terms such as experimental, avant-garde, post-avant, or even radical. Recent full-length collections from Donato Mancini, Lisa Robertson, and derek beaulieu could be engaged by carefully situating them within these discourses. Collectively, these texts share an affinity for free linguistic play and textual subversion. However, in this review, I would like to map out the ways by which each of these authors so incisively identifies the pulse of the contemporary milieu and employs strategies to think about how and why literary artifice can assess and intervene into the contemporary moment…



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