A footnote on love from Negrestani’s Cyclonopedia…

Falling in love cannot occur twice; it means there is no chance you can fall in love twice, for if love is the hemorrhage of health and a manifest catastrophe, then nothing is left in the lover to fuel another love and fall in love once again. Love empties all possibilities of recovery. Falling in love is a one way ticket to the end of health. Barthes suggests that love is cyclic, that for each love there is a phase of recovery and at the end of each recovery another love is waiting. The cycle strikes me not as love but as flirtation with survival. A lover who constantly falls in love (the Barthesian lover) flirts either with the survival of himself or his emotions. Love, in this sense, only reinscribes survival. And when it comes to survival, human desire is already a dead ruin. In Barthes’ account, it is not love that matters but the ‘next love’ which presupposes the survival of the lover and the regeneration of his health. But love’s sole enthusiasm lies in the consuming every possibility of falling in love again. . . Love ensures the failure of escape. Love is only thinkable as one and only one tyrannical possibility: falling in love once and for all. Viva the Chain.

(From Cyclonopedia by Reza Negrestani)


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