Exhibitions (solo)

The Assembly Line of Babel. Dennis Tourbin Members Gallery, St. Catharines (2015)

Exhibitions (group)

“Intereactions.” In the Soil Arts Festival. St. Catharines. 2017.

“The Nothings of the Alphabet.” BFLO VISPO. Sugar City Artists Collective. Buffalo. 2016.

“Extracts from Babeltech.” Lab T.O., Toronto. 2016. (permanent display)

“You Will Never Amount to Anything.” That One Thing You Said. Havana Gallery, Vancouver. 2015.

“Excerpts from the keyboard poems.” Braille Babble / Braille Babel. Rodman Hall, St. Catharines. 2013.

Exhibitions (curated)

HOW TO READ (solo show by derek beaulieu). Curator. Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines. (2013)

The Bird is the Word (featuring work by Kelly Mark, Laurel Woodcock, Travis Kirton, bill bissett, Judith Copithorne, and others). Co-curated with Stephen Remus. Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines. (2012)