Intereactions (2017)

Short animated video created from dry transfer lettering with audio. 10 min. 51 secs.

Collaboration with Nettling Sounds (Kevin McPhee) and Graeme Ring created for In the Soil Arts Festival, St. Catharines, Ontario (April 28-30, 2017).

Also exhibited as part of the Institute for Experimental Art’s 8th International Video Poetry Festival in Athens, Greece (December 13-14, 2019).

About the video: Influenced by retro-futurist aesthetics, this project revives language from its static arrangement on the page into a multi-sensory experience never seen or heard before. Here, punctuation and letters are dynamically revitalized to rattle, vibrate and pulse, producing sonic resonances that far exceed preconceived notions of the alphabet’s kinetic and acoustic life. This is the first collaboration between Graeme Ring, Eric Schmaltz and Nettling Sounds.

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