2018                   PhD, English, York University
2012                   MA, English, Brock University
2011                   BA (Hon.), English, Brock University

2018-2019         SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Major Awards & Grants
2018-2019 – SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship
2016-2017 – Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Doctoral
2017-2018 – Provost Dissertation Scholarship, York U.
2016-2017 – Linda Heather Lamont-Stewart Fellowship in Canadian Studies, York U
2016-2017 – Clara Thomas Doctoral Scholarship in Canadian Studies, York U
2013-2016 – SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Doctoral Scholarship

Peer-Reviewed Articles 
“my body of bliss”: Judith Copithorne’s Concrete Poetry in the 1960s and 1970s. Canadian Poetry. Forthcoming.

“the killing of speech”: The Sonic Politics of The Four Horsemen. Forum, No. 19, 2014.

“to forget in a body”: Mosaical Consciousness & Materialist Avant- Gardism in bill bissett & Milton Acorn’s unpublished I Want to Tell You Love. Canadian Literature, No. 222, Autumn 2014, pp. 96-112.

Modernity & The Masturbator: The Non-human Economy, Excess, and Non-Gendered Consciousness in Tarsem Singh’s The Cell (2000). Science Fiction Fiction Film and Television, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2013, pp. 203-217.

Peer-Reviewed Articles (Under Consideration)
From Disgust to Desire: A Poetics of Subterfuge. Canadian, Indigenous, and Québécois Literary Affects. Submitted Summer 2017.

The Politics of Memory: Digital Repositories, Settler-Colonialism, and Jordan Abel’s Un/InhabitedDecoding Digital Poetics. Submitted Summer 2017.

Poetry Books
Surfaces. Invisible Books, 2018.

Acorn, Milton and bill bissett. I Want to Tell You Love. Ed. Eric Schmaltz and Christopher Doody. Forthcoming.

Trips from Here to There: Poems from the Dreamachine. above/ground press, 2017.
MITSUMI ELEC. CO. LTD.: keyboard poems. above/ground press, 2014.

Literary Articles (Not Peer-Reviewed)
At the surface and medium-depth: theorizing a haptic poetic. Jacket2 as part of “Extreme Texts,” edited by Divya Victor. Forthcoming.

Sounds of Chaos and Star: A Listen to Book*hug’s New Vinyl Imprint. Carousel 40. Forthcoming.

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Rev. The Best Canadian Poetry in English. Broken Pencil, No. 47, 2010, pp. 67.

Miscellaneous Writings
Reading at the Intersection of Text and Image49th Shelf. 9 April 2018.

Solo Exhibitions
Assembly Line of Babel. Niagara Artists Centre, St. Catharines, 2015.

Group Exhibitions
Extract from “Interference Patterns.” Concrete is Porous, Act 1. Curated by Hart Broudy. The Secret Handshake Art Gallery. Toronto, 2018.

Intereactions (with Graeme Ring and Kevin McPhee). In the Soil Arts Festival. St. Catharines, 2017.

Technical Babbel. =Sum(Things). Critical Media Lab, Kitchener. 2017.

The Nothings of the Alphabet. BFLO VISPO. Sugar City Artists Collective, Buffalo, 2016.

That One Thing You Said. Havana Gallery, Vancouver, 2015.

Braille Babble / Braille Babel. Rodman Hall, St. Catharines, 2013.

Commissioned Work
Extracts from Babeltech. Lab T.O., Toronto.

Curatorial Projects
HOW TO READ (solo show by derek beaulieu). Niagara Artists Centre, 2013.

The Bird is the Word. (with Stephen Remus). Niagara Artists Centre, 2012.

Published Interviews (as interviewer)
The Stranger, an interview with Amy Ireland. Carousel 39, Fall 2017.

The Complete Works, an interview with Justin Stephenson. Carousel 37, Fall 2016.

Overflow: Poetry, Performance, Technology, Ancestry, an interview with Kaie Kellough. Queen Mob’s Teahouse, 27 June 2017, n. pag.

I Want to Tell You Love, an interview with bill bissett. Ed. Karl Jirgens and Beatriz Hausner. Open Letter, Series 15, No. 1, Fall 2012, pp. 58-63.

Published Interviews (as Interviewee)
We Who are About To Die: Eric Schmaltz.” Interviewed by Ian Whistle for Ottawa Poetry Newsletter. 1 July 2018.

Eric Schmaltz’s Reading Love: His Strangest, Most Comforting, & Most Unsettling Read.” Interviewed as part of the W.A.R. Series. Open Book. 25 June 2018.

On Processes and Becoming.” Interviewed by Nicole Chin for Invisiblog. 28 March 2018.

Seven Questions for Eric Schmaltz.” Interviewed by rob mclennan for Touch the Donkey.  26 May 2016.

Gazzola, Bart. “BABELTECH™ and the power of language at NAC.”

Selected Conference Presentations
“I Fight Back”: On the Critical-Creative Practice of Lillian Allen. MLA. Chicago. (2019).

“th revolushun will have to start tomorrow / everythings too fuckd up today”: Assessing the Failure of the Canadian Language Revolution. ACCUTE. Ryerson U. (2017)

Un/Settling: Digital Practices and Decolonization in the Poetry of Jordan Abel. NEMLA, Baltimore. (2017)

“a new line has started”: Beginnings of Borderblur Poetry in Canada. The Concept of Vancouver. Brock U. (2016)

Post-tensities: The Language Revolution & its Affects. Maladies of the Soul, Emotion, Affect. Banff Centre. (2016)

TechnoBab(b)el: Developing a Sonic Materialist Poetic. Canadian Creative Writers and Writer’s Program Conference. Harbourfront Centre. (2016)

The Noisee Body: Modern Reactions & Eccentricity in the Concrete Poem-Drawings of Judith Copithorne. ACCUTE. Brock U. (2014)

I Want to Tell You Love: Toward a Materialist Avant-Garde. Material Meanings European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies. U of Kent. (2012)

Artist Talks
The Depths of Surfaces: Five Stimulations. Kanada Koncrete conference. University of Ottawa, May 2018.